PowerApps Features to Enhance Enterprise Workflow.

29 OCT 2020

PowerApps updates and features: Microsoft has rolled out many updates in power apps this year where some of the important features that will make you consider PowerApps are:

  • Deep Integration from Azure to Microsoft teams
  • Ability to use Power apps in offline mode
  • Empowers the developers of all skill level
  • Connecting to the physical world
  • Portal improvements

Deep integration from Azure to Microsoft teams:

In the PowerApps update, users will be able to customize apps in the Microsoft teams and have the ability to build Microsoft PowerApps with modern controls.

Here users can select and install the apps from the Microsoft team’s app store (where Apps built using PowerApps platform) as per their requirements and can be easily customized as per their priority or workflow.

Apps in the Microsoft team’s app store will give the user a native app user experience i.e., Microsoft new apps contains Label, toggle, button, etc., like the existing components which will never make its user feel difficult while using.

Ability to use PowerApps in offline mode:

To enhance mobile phone usages in the work environment and to bridge the communication gap in an organization, Microsoft is enhancing the PowerApps with offline mode support to its customers.

For the people who work in fields or for frontline workers, it is difficult to have internet connectivity all the time. Hence, to overcome the drawbacks and issues of offline or poor connectivity harming the workflow Microsoft is enhancing the PowerApps with the ability to connect offline by also giving access to barcode scanner, Actionable error messages, etc., to increase productivity in the workflow.

Empowers the developers of all skill level:

Microsoft’s new update will empower all the developers with low code full stack developing capabilities which enables developers with any background to build and test their app performance and features.

Using log telemetry for apps, developers can view the number of persons visited, Number of pages viewed, most viewed page, and also the notifications that show errors encountered by users. This method of user tracking will help developers to track the bugs easily and enables them to increase user experience.

At this PowerApps update, developers can manage and authorize connections in the app with a solution import interface to remove complex decisions.

Connecting to the physical world:

Microsoft is now trying to connect the physical world with mixed reality by using geospatial data like maps.

An interactive map with data binding capabilities will help enterprises to mark the location in a bulk and also enables them to track the app users on the map. These are the dynamic maps which can be used for road view, map view or location view, etc.,

PowerApps map contains a feature called fuzzy matching logic that gives a potential matching address to its user’s address queries by giving more accurate and faster results.

While connecting to the physical world Microsoft has never neglected its users’ experience, these apps with the MR (Mixed Reality) feature to measure the distance and volume in the real world by using the users’ camera and even users can measure an area of space by creating a virtual object in the app to check whether the size of an object fits into a particular space or even they can create a space to know the suitable object sizes.

PowerApps Portal improvements:

Along with PowerApps Features Microsoft has also rolled out some portal improvements to increase the experience of the low-code platform.

  • The portal improvements include a portal tool checker to resolve configuration issues and problems,
  • PowerApps with global search portal results to enhance the user search experience,
  • Authentication code flows for OpenID connect protocol for application user authentication,
  • Power BI embedding using liquid tags to add Power BI reports and data insights to the portals,
  • simplified themes, specifying webpage access to avoid data breaches, Simplified authentication process for B2C business by avoiding the tedious manual authentication process.

Need to know more about PowerApps features? Talk to our experts and know-how star-knowledge could help you update your business flow with the Microsoft PowerApps updates and features.

Originally published at https://www.star-knowledge.com on October 29, 2020.



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